Classic rolling paper


In search of the perfect Classic rllig paper? You' ve come to the right place. We carry a full line of leading quality papers for any preference. Choose from standard options or customize your order to suit your needs.


Pre-rolled Cones

Intense flavour experience


WonderGarden is one of the largest international players in the field of pre-rolled paper cones.Our Cones are made of the thinnest possible rllig paper for an intense, 100% pure flavour experience. With our ready-to-use Cones, everyone can roll right into enjoying a smoke.


Pleasant smoking experience


With Wonder Garden Cones, you treat your customers to a pleasant, enjoyable smoking experience. The high-quality rolling paper guarantees an even, long lasting burn. The Pre-rolled Cones feature a sturdy card-board filter. The cones are avilable in various types, sizes, and order units. In addition to our successful, tried- and-true Original Pre- rlled Cones, we also provide Natural Cones, and Bio Organic Hemp Cones.


Disclosure of product composition

TYPE : 14g/m2 MB RYO Rolling Paper

Chemical Name CAS number Trade name Technical function Remark
Plant fibers 65996-61-4 Unbleached wood pulp Main material Remark
Guar 9000-30-0 Guar Enhancing strength
Oxidized starch 65996-62-5 Oxidized starch Enhancing strength
Sorbic acid 110-44-1 Preservative Aczoiling Processing aids
Glycerin monostearate 31566-31-1 Defoamer Defoaming Processing aids