High Quality Zirconia Ceramic Parts

Wonder Garden ensures superior quality unrivaled performance,and the highest safety standards to eliminate any heavy metal contamination or leeching.

Ceramics have long been known for their thermal stability due to their highly stable ionic bonding making them a great candidate for material use at elevated temperatures.Zirconia based ceramics are prevalent in the medical field and are used for dental and prosthetic applications lending to their biocompatibility.

In structural ceramics, zirconia ceramics are widely used because of their high toughness, high flexural strength and wear resistance, excellent thermal insulation properties, and coefficient of thermal expansion close to that of steel.

In functional ceramics, its excellent high temperature resistance is used as induction heating tubes, refractory materials, and heating elements. Zirconia ceramics have sensitive electrical performance parameters and are mainly used in oxygen sensors, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) and high temperature heat generators.

Ceramic Mouthpiece
Maintain all the natural flavors of your extract.
The ceramic mouthpiece is made of environmentally friendly zirconium oxide material, which is sintered and shaped at high temperature to present a warm and smooth appearance. Ceramic material after high temperature curing, there is no small molecule residue, the use of the process of heating by smoke without the precipitation of harmful substances, compared to plastic materials more durable and environmentally safe, but the ceramic mouthpiece easy to accumulate heat, easy to hot mouth, more suitable for small power small cigarette use.

Quartz Glass

Zirconia Ceramic Center Post
Truly showcase your oil’s clarity and quality

Zirco Ceramic coil
Balanced heating and complete oil absorption
Ceramic heating core is directly printed on the porous ceramic resistance paste, after high temperature baking hardening line, and then by the electrode, lead processing, the production of a new generation of low-temperature heating elements, widely used in oil-based electronic cigarette devices.