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Herbal Filter ( Apply To All Types Of Cigarettes: Rough/Regular/Slim )


Herbal Filter is an epoch-making cigarette filter with our own patented formula and pure herbal capsule structure, . Different from all traditional filters made of metal or chemical materials in the market, TOFRE Herbal Filter is a genuine&only cigarette filter with pure herbal structure, which adopts capsule structure and all formulas meet the food-grade standards. In addition, the herbal particles of TOFRE Herbal Filter capsule contains tea polyphenols, theanine,Cordyceps sinensis, nano selenium tea powder, and other beneficial substances, which can be volatilized into the human body to form a “protective film”, to effectively reduce harmful free radicals, Nitrosamines, and other carcinogens and carbon monoxide content caused by smoking and effectively filter tar produced by smoking.The filter structure does not contain any metal or chemical filter materials, and is purely a plant materials capsule structure.
Outer shell material: food grade plastic

Capsule content:tea polyphenols, theanine, Cordyceps sinensis, nano selenium tea powder.


Common problems of all traditional filters in the market:

1.Decreasing smoking experience.
2.Changing the taste of the cigarette itself
3.Increasing the draw resistance when smoking.
4.Traditional cigarettes can last up to 3-5 cigarettes, it is quite inconvenient for daily use.

How we solve the problem

keeps 100% the original flavor of tobacco while making the smoking more smooth with the patented structure. The smokers participating in the experiment respond that it makes the smoke more smooth and pure. It makes 100% guarantee on the complete experience of tobacco smoking while filtering tar and other carcinogens,

so that the smokers can get a perfect experience of smoking meanwhile achieve healthier target and harm reduction. For each cigarette, it filters 67% harmful substances and 27 harmful gas components.


We can be used for 20 cigarettes continuously, and each filter can be easily put into a cigarette case after being unpacked, which is convenient for carrying and daily use.
Uses low boiling point extraction and nano-small molecule technology so that beneficial substances in capsules can enter the human body along with smoke heat flow.