Your horoscope has to do with hemp

In fact, I've been hiding a secret from you and I'm going to say it out loud today. I'm not just talented and handsome man, I am good at the five elements, and proficient in the tarot astrology horoscope to change the skills of martial arts masters.

In September 2020, when Saturn and Pluto will join, the sun will leave Virgo and enter Libra at the end of the month, the twelve signs will change and many things will change.

Therefore, at this time, as a good friend of yours, I am bound to inform you of the hemp air transport of the twelve zodiac signs that I have been concealing. I wish all colleagues to remember to pay attention to the key points of their horoscope, understand their hemp properties and energy transport, and be full of vitality every day!

Aries = cannabidiol CBD


I do not want to say anything.

Go, Go, Go

Born in the spring when all things grow, Aries has infinite vitality, full of vigor and strong energy. Aries is a sign that advocates freedom. It does not like following others' opinions. In a few words, it is a hot-tempered, hot-blooded, and decisive leader.

CBD is the main chemical component of medicinal plant hemp, and has no psychoactive, anti-spasmodic, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, or other pharmacological effects. It can not only treat a variety of difficult diseases, but also effectively eliminates the hallucinogenic effect of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on the human body, which is called "anti-drug compound”. So, CBD is the messenger of justice, the postcard of cannabis, and the pioneer of cannabis righteousness, which is not unlike the Aries character.

In conclusion, Aries is similar to CBD.

Taurus = cannabis less CBC

Life creed:

Through it all, standing firm


Taurus children are stubborn and conservative, honest, sincere, and kind. At the same time, they are also pragmatic and have their own pursuit for the happiness of the material world. The most important point is that Taurus is the most diligent and persevering of the 12 zodiac signs.

CBC is also the non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, which simply means it does not cause any harm. It is the most common cannabinoid second only to THC and CBD, which is distributed in all corners of cannabis plants. Moreover, in some cannabis plants, the content of CBC is higher than CBD, and its medical value cannot be underestimated! Its anti-inflammation, anti-tumor, anti-depression, anti-fungus, promoting brain growth and other characteristics continue to be discovered by science. With the increase of research by scientists in various countries, CBC will bring us more surprises in the future, just like Taurus, surprises are everywhere.

In summary, Taurus is the same as CBC.

Gemini = TETRAhydrocannabinol THC

Life creed:

People laughed at me for being crazy

I laugh at people who don't wear them

Cancer people are very gentle, sincere, and kind. They is always rain or shine unstable and moody, but they are also kind and pure in nature, very docile and approachable, and their light makes people feel like spring breeze. In addition, cancer is faithful and affectionate, and once it has identified a person, it will not change.

CBG, a non-psychoactive ingredient, exists in the early growth cycle of cannabis, so it is difficult to find a large amount of CBG. This means that cannabis can be cultivated for its medical use. It can be used as an antibiotic, for the treatment of psoriasis, anti-tumor, anti-depression, pain relief, etc. This also means that CBG is as rare and reliable as Cancer.

In conclusion, Cancer is the same as CBG

Leo = cannabidivarin CBDV

Life creed:

Who says the king is the strongest

The supreme Star is also the best

Leo is the king constellation, they are born with a halo, maverick, always showing their own power and domineering qualities. At the same time, Leo is also relatively arrogant, which makes it easy to fall into awkward positions.

There has not been a lot of research on CBDV. CBDV is very similar to CBD, just like the segment of Honor of Kings, which is CBD, and CBDV is a slightly degraded version of cannabinoid, which is only the next highest honor. But like Leo, CBDV comes naturally with a halo, and like the king of CBD, CBDV is also effective against epilepsy and nausea.

In conclusion, Leo and CBDV are similar.

virgo = △8-THC

Life creed:

Wait for some flowers to bloom

Virgos are overly perfectionist and picky, even to the point of being critical. At the same time, Virgos have an innate sense of discernment and a talent for prioritizing. They have a strong sense of discernment and are suited to play any kind of quality management role in their work and life.

As with Virgo, the cannabinoid △8-THC is unusual by nature, but durable in appearance. Much like THC, it has few psychoactive effects, helps fight appetite and nausea, and is otherwise as mysterious and critical as Virgo.

In conclusion, Virgo is like △8-THC.

Libra = cannabinoids CBN

Life creed:

Life is like a circle, elegant life ~

Libras are gentle, graceful, peaceful, and look forward to a happy and comfortable life. Libra is a social sign with a high eq. Whatever they do, they are liked by others. They are smooth, well-mannered, fair and impartial.

Life is like a circle, the starting point is the focus, and the same as Libra without so much curved around the cannabinoids is undoubtedly CBN.CBN is a cannabinoid of great medical use, which can stimulate appetite, can be used as an antibiotic, can be used as a potential drug for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, can be used to treat glaucoma, and has analgesic, anti-asthma, sedative and other effects. Like Libra, the CBN is an impartial player by nature.

In conclusion, Gemini and THC are similar

Scorpio = TETRAhydrocannabinol THCA

Life creed:

Flickering in a trance


Scorpio is born in the autumn and its character is mature and responsible. In a nutshell, Scorpio is a collection of sense of responsibility, sixth sense, mystery, strong willpower, accurately in the rather one should sign. They can be hard to get but very mysterious and exciting.

THCA is a compound found before the decarboxylation or decomposition of TDC-The reason why Scorpius is as attractive as it is that THCA appears to be harmless, but when heated, it breaks down into other substances like THC, and thus, fire and ice are two things.

In conclusion, Scorpios are like THCA.

Sagittarius  = Δ9-THC

Life creed:

I've been wild and free all my life

Sagittarius is the sign of freedom, they are uninhibited, optimistic, enthusiastic, frank, never beat around the bush, also hate affectation, pretentious, love challenges, love adventure, love to explore new world and knowledge fields. Their inner drive is to push boundaries, to explore the future, to seek a belief in life choices.

Δ 9 - THC to delta 8 - as was born is unusual, THC, Δ 9 - THC positive utility is more positive, more sufficient evidence, and the characteristics of Sagittarius do not beat around the bush, pretended very much alike, Δ 9 - THC can reverse the size of the 12 months to 18 months of cognitive decline in mice, the mankind conquer Alzheimer’s existence significance, and the meaning in all aspects of the future will continue to break through and explore.

In conclusion, Sagittarius echoes the Δ 9 - THC.

Capricorn = cannabidiolic acid CBDA

Life creed:

Listen to the wind, with the moon

As always wonderful as a song

Was born in the winter of Capricorn, mature and responsible, down-to-earth, very organized, patient, and have great perseverance, determination, work to justice, abide by the discipline and rules and regulations, very patient, and hard work, high cold, Capricorn person is sad at the same time,

CBDA is a compound found before CBD is decarboxylated or decomposed. Like THCA, CBDA can be consumed as a nutritional supplement or used externally. Work

 hard and do no harm just like Capricorn.

In summary, Capricorn is the same as CBDA

Aquarius = tetrahydrocannabinol THCV

Life creed:

He that is mad cannot live

Slight carelessness and no trace!

Aquarius attaches great importance to their spiritual world, is kind to people, good at communicating with others, and likes to make friends widely. Aquarius appearance shows the alternating state of enthusiasm and indifference. They are

quiet as a mouse and like to move freely.

Such a crazy constellation, to match it must not be 100% common elements, THCV has about 20% of the spiritual role of THC it wants to get up, is also genetic, this is the same as Aquarius, static if a virgin moves like a rabbit, retractable freely. In addition, THCV has anti-convulsions, weight loss,

 and neuroprotective effects, which seems to be fine.

In conclusion, Aquarius is similar to THCV.

Pisces = Cannabinoid

Life creed:

Like fog, like rain, like wind

It's just not right

Pisces is a constellation that brings together all the strengths and weaknesses of the twelve zodiac signs. Pisces is a complex and diverse constellation. Pisces people are gentle and kind, considerate, sincere, and open, ready to help others, soft in heart, compassionate and fearless in spirit of dedication. Pisces loves fantasy and dreams and will sometimes indulge in their own dreams leading to a loss of connection with reality. At the same time, Pisces

is a very sensitive and fragile sign, and they are very vulnerable.

Cannabin terpenes are mainly produced by the cells secreted by the cannabinoid glands, which increase gradually with light exposure. There are hundreds of known cannabin terpenes (including laurone, -pinene, limonene,

 -carnations, linalool, etc.).

Each plant have unique terpene distribution, and can be as the change of soil or culture factors such as temperature changes, this with Pisces protean character state is to imagine, in addition, terpene can provide natural protection for marijuana, from bacteria, fungi, insects and other environmental pressure,

the influence of this also and is the same kind of Pisces.

In conclusion, Pisces is similar to cannabis terpenes.

Post time: Jan-18-2021